Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

(Sincerest of apologies as this may be more of a rant rather than an informative blog post…)

We learned this in kindergarten, right? Why all do adults now seem to forget or ignore this simple rule? The DC area is filled with crosswalks. The kind of crosswalks without a stop lights or stop signs connected to them. It is my contention that the safety conscious “Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk” law has mutated into a very dangerous “Stop immediately and abruptly for pedestrians who look like they may have a slight inkling to cross the road at some time in the future”.

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My Boyfriend Bought Me a Lilly Pulitzer Dress and I Flipped the EFF Out

I have been dating BF for two months. He is awesome, crazy in a good way, and generous. Last Tuesday he dropped by my house unexpectedly with a present. How sweet! I was in my room drinking wine and preparing for my Wednesday morning clients and afternoon piano students — talk about multitasking.

BF: “I just saw this and wanted you to have it”

ME: Eyes immediately drawn to the neon pink-green wrapping paper and bag “Aw, thanks, you really shouldn’t have!” (Wait, I know that bag…)

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TOP 5 First Date Stories of Ridiculousness

Names changed to protect the innocent…

5) I went out with Dan who worked as a lab tech in a doctor’s office. Yes, a normal western medicine doc’s office. Halfway thru our first drink at Galaxy Hut in Clarendon he confessed the fact that his real passion was Reiki massage (massage without touching) and he then Reiki’d the heck out of my hand for 5 loooong minutes. Awkward!

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Nutrition during The Ride

“Did you really eat all that grossness?”

Well yes and no. Nutrition was tough but we did our best.

I ate something every 2 hours. Jacob would go a bit longer.

Jacob and I cooked oatmeal and instant coffee for breakfast almost every morning. I put a scoop of protein powder in my oatmeal and sometimes added a cut-up apple when available.

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Sidewalk Chalking George


On our run this morning, Melinda and I saw some nice sidewalk-chalking. This is not the first time we’ve seen similar artwork. In fact, 75% of the times we run our George Mason/Lexington route (together or separately about once a week), the art is there. George, who are you? (And do you have two single brothers for us to date?) Here are our thoughts:

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