Spice things up and get saucy

In bed? Sure, but also in the kitchen…

Nutrition tip #3: Spice things up — add a variety of spices and homemade sauces

Protein and vegetables again, you say? Even though eating meat and veggies at every meal makes my body feel so good, it can totally get old. Adding sauces and spices to our food will ensure that our brains and palettes will not get bored. I’ll typically make a batch of sauce at the beginning of the week and use the same one for many different meals. For chicken, eggs, salad, veggies, rice, etc. Then I make sure to choose a different sauce the following week. Here are some ideas:

  • I love curry. My friend Jackie’s Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry recipe is da bomb. Sometimes I’ll halve the coconut milk so it leaves a thicker sauce instead of a soup and I’ll use it on beef, shrimp, and pork too. We ate this for Christmas dinner. Yum.
  • Cook with onions and garlic. It makes everything better. Well, maybe not ice cream…
  • Use coconut oil or butter instead of vegetable oil or cream
  • Salt and pepper your salads if you’re making your own dressing or using just oil and vinegar
  • Spice Blends from Paleoparents
  • Sauces from Stupideasypaleo. No, I’m not strictly Paleo, bro, but I do really go for the eat whole food minus yucky preservatives and no added sugar movement so Paleo sauce recipes are ideal

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