I create customized nutrition programs that balance nutrients and regulate hormones to burn fat while building muscle. Discovering what works for your body, sensitivities, and tastes is key — the goal is for you to feel healthy and fulfilled, not deprived and never weak.

A high-protein, high-veggie/fiber diet is the baseline. We then work together to tweak that according to your body and daily realities. Some of the things we explore in nutrition coaching include:

  • Detective work to find food sensitivities so that they can be limited or eliminated (typical culprits are dairy and gluten)
  • Discovering the differences between hunger and cravings and regulating energy levels with different food choices and the number of meals and snacks per day
  • Using “buffer foods” like cocoa powder, nuts, and fruit to satisfy cravings without falling prey to binging
  • Identifying trigger foods (no one ever ever eats just one potato chip)
  • Using mindful eating, recognizing stressors, and accepting emotions to differentiate between hunger and eating to ease sadness or anxiety
  • Modeling healthy eating for your family
  • Stop “eating less and exercising more” — instead eat more of the right things and exercise efficiently
  • “I run so I can eat what I want” — sorry your metabolism doesn’t work like that
  • Avoiding the “skinny-fat” of marathoners (look skinny but have a higher percentage of bodyfat)


The cost for a four-week individual coaching program is $300. This includes:

  • One-hour in-person assessment meeting
  • A packet summarizing your nutrition program, with customized examples, strategies, food lists, and recipes
  • Weekly 20-minute phone calls (or add-ons to personal training sessions)
  • E-mail access for any questions that come up