Personalized workouts are adapted to your goals, body, and schedule. Working with me, you’ll build strength, balance, and resilience, while avoiding injury.

Whether you’re training for a 5K, the Boston Marathon, a special event, or to better wrangle small screaming children, we’ll create a routine that fits your lifestyle and moves you toward your goals.

My approach focuses on:

  • Avoiding injury (endurance athletes: being hurt does not mean you’re hardcore!)
  • Training with heavy dumbbells to strengthen more muscles
  • Short, intense 30-minute metabolic conditioning workouts in conjunction with proper nutrition to spark fat loss and promote proper body composition
  • Training smaller supporting muscles to keep big muscles and joints healthy
  • Lots of core work: planks, abs, glutes, ab/adductors
  • Balance and posture — especially for those of you who spend hours at a computer
  • Increasing mobility and soft tissue flexibility (and working out kinks!) using foam rollers and lacrosse balls
  • Increasing joint and muscle range of motion
  • Workouts you can do at home or on the road

Most importantly, your program needs to fit your lifestyle and inspire you move more and incorporate other healthy habits. I succeed when you fall in love with the feeling of working out and start to see benefits in other areas of your life. And of course looking awesome is always good, too :)


All personal training sessions are provided at your location in the Metro DC area. Sessions vary from 45 minutes to an hour.

  • $110/session — Individual personal training
  • $76/session — Partner training (cost is per person)