I work with organizations to create wellness programs for employees or members, ranging from basic fitness to advanced strategies for athletic teams. Whether they’re sports-specific or general, all of my group programs balance teamwork with a healthy sense of competition, and individual attention.

Group program options:

  • Bootcamp-style workouts with lots of bodyweight exercises, each class is different yet all have a fun, small-group setting with attention to form and intensity
  • Sport specific: tennis, golf, swimming, running, etc.
  • Off-season indoor cycle classes for triathlon or cycle clubs (imagine: crazy fun music and a perky redhead yelling at you!)
  • Stress-reduction and mobility for office workers

I’ve found that group programs help you do more than you would on your own. It helps to be with others. Groups benefit from increased camaraderie, developing common goals, and mutual support. And the lower per-person cost is always a bonus.


Group rates vary depending on the program and location. Rates below are estimates; note that individualized attention is not possible with very large groups.

  • Small group training (6-12 people): $20/person
  • Large groups training (up to 40 people): $200/session