1 Mile Speed!

track fast

Hi fitness friends! Join me to get FAST-er:)

The plan:
Our goal is to get fast for a 1 mile race. This is a FREE email based program; 8 weeks from JUNE 4-JULY 30; 3 days running 3 days strength; under 30 mins each day. There is no actual “race” unless we get a quorum of folks interested in showing off at the end of the 8 weeks… it’s really just me vs myself and you vs yourself:)
Step 1:
Email me at getfit@robinhersh.com with “I’m IN” so I will make sure to include you in subsequent emails.
Step 2:
Time your current fast mile before the JUNE 4 launch. It doesn’t have to be an all-out race at this point, especially if you aren’t used to running. Walk, walk/jog, run, race, it’s all good. Make sure to warm up with a 5-10 min walk/jog and/or a Dynamic Warmup before completing timed 4 laps around the track or one mile on the trail. Email me at getfit@robinhersh.com with your status as “completed timed 1 mile”. If you send me your time, I will then be able to help you estimate your goal time for the race and the training intervals. If you are not comfortable sending me your time, no worries. Send me any questions too. Let’s get fast together!
So, are you IN?

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