Mom’s Functional Moves

You know how fitness websites will give exercise advice for “older folks” and then show videos of 20-something fitness models demonstrating the recommended moves? Yeah, that can be annoying. Check out my mom (who for my whole childhood I believed to be 29) performing the moves from the Silver Sneakers article 7 Functional Movements Every Older Adult Should Be Able to Do. I want to be just like mom when I grow up!

#1 Squats


#2 Lunges


#3 Pushups


#4 Rows


#5 Woodchops


#6 Roll Overs


#7 Hops


One thought on “Mom’s Functional Moves

  1. Thanks for posting that Robin! I can do them all but they need some work! Stacey ‘s a rock star!! Feel free to post more!

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