Sidewalk Chalking George


On our run this morning, Melinda and I saw some nice sidewalk-chalking. This is not the first time we’ve seen similar artwork. In fact, 75% of the times we run our George Mason/Lexington route (together or separately about once a week), the art is there. George, who are you? (And do you have two single brothers for us to date?) Here are our thoughts:

1) George is a crazy ex-boyfriend who has realized he was a big idiot for breaking this girl’s heart, and is meticulously attempting to interject himself in her life again.

2) George is actually secretly admiring Melinda and I and slowly making his presence known. Do more research, George, we run the opposite way on Mason! And, pony up and introduce yourself already!!

3) George is the most overachieving boyfriend ever and deserves a gold star. If this is the case, I argue there is a little bit of an “ick” factor, right? Nah, I’m just jealous!

Full chalking (one word per sidewalk block, a few paces between each block): “You changed my life and made me a better man by being you. I love you” and “OMG Gorgeous” and “Love you love you love you Geroge”.


One thought on “Sidewalk Chalking George

  1. I’m guessing he got a really good deal on sidewalk chalk. It reminds me of the church on George Mason (near Patrick Henry) that used to (still does?) use their huge lot to spell out Jesus Loves in white gravel.

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