TOP 5 First Date Stories of Ridiculousness

Names changed to protect the innocent…

5) I went out with Dan who worked as a lab tech in a doctor’s office. Yes, a normal western medicine doc’s office. Halfway thru our first drink at Galaxy Hut in Clarendon he confessed the fact that his real passion was Reiki massage (massage without touching) and he then Reiki’d the heck out of my hand for 5 loooong minutes. Awkward!

4) Tom and I met for a drink at Pinzimini —the Westin’s restaurant in Ballston. We were alone in the lobby/couch area except for an older gentleman drinking whiskey and watching bball. After about 45 minutes of casual banter, the gentleman walks over, introduces himself to us and shakes our hands. “I’m Robert, nice to meet you” He continued with the kicker… “Tom, man, I just had to tell you she’s WAY too good for you”. Robert immediately turned around and walked out. Dad says this reminds him of something my Granddad would do back in the day. Love you Gdad!

3) I had a lovely first date with a great guy named CHRIS on a Thursday. Since he was a runner I mentioned the DCRRC Saturday long run that I attend regularly. That Saturday he actually showed up to run with us! I had forgotten that I mentioned it (and in all fairness I was a bit groggy from taking NyQuil the night before) and when he came up to me I welcomed him, then I introduced him to my friends as DAVE. He interjected immediately with CHRIS! Oops. Is this a sign of too many first dates? Then we ran 14 miles together. What a great way to begin date 2! I’m such an idiot.

2) Mike and I planned to meet at the Irish bar by the Uptown Theater. Me being Me I parked and walked in 5 minutes early when I received a call from Mike: “Robin this is embarrassing but I need to go home and change my shirt – can you give me 30 minutes? I was driving over and THREW UP ON MYSELF. I feel much better now but I need to change”. My first reaction “Are you drunk???” and then I thought to myself “Well I’ll just continue to drink with the cute bartender…maybe I’ll get drunk and throw up on Mike when he shows up – that’ll teach him!”

1) JeepGuy and I met at Mussel Bar — about a 10 min walk from my house. I had 2 beers over 3 hours of pretty great conversation — long first date is a good sign usually! It was 10:15 and I needed to be in bed at 10:00 (training sesh at 0530 the next day) so I accepted his offer of a ride home. Door-to-door service. He pulled right in to the long driveway and we said goodnight. I sprinted upstairs and immediately stripped off date-clothes and put on pjs. When I was in the bathroom I heard Melinda screaming “ROBIN and MATT there’s a jeep in the driveway!”. “Mel, that’s my date he’ll leave in a sec!” “NO ROBIN the Jeep is on top of the wall!” JeepGuy had backed the car over the driveway wall and was stuck on three wheels. Matt rushed out to help and I put on flipflops and went out as well. I ended up in the driver’s seat while the boys pushed the car forward, my foot on the gas and the car in 4 wheel drive to get it unstuck. It worked, no injuries and no damage. I christened his Jeep “Stonewall”.

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