Dear Santa: Get-Fit Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

My personal favorite products including basic gear, recovery toys, fuel and silliness. These are great gifts for everyone — even those athletes who are currently masquerading as couch potatoes. Get your loved ones ready for their new year’s resolutions!

Gear Up

Saucony convertible gloves — These gloves have seen me comfortably through runs that range from slightly chilly to blizzard snowmageddon conditions. Don’t trust the one grumpy review on amazon. These gloves are a-mazing.

Funky ear warmers — So the ears don’t fall off. Might as well add a bit of style while we’re at it.


The Grid foam roller — The firmer the better, I like the GRID travel size since I never seem to need more length. Another option for the truly hardcore is simple PVC pipe from Home Depot covered in kinesiology tape (KT) tape.

The Stick — The stiff stick is good stuff. It’s basically a rolling pin for your muscles. It works like a foam roller but it’s more portable and you can work different angles.

110% Ice Pants — These are recommended by Arlington local masters ultrarunner, Michael Wardian. Compression pants with individual pockets for icing the perfect muscle spots. My dad loves these!

Kinesiology tape — Use KT tape as support for trouble spots. Comes in some fun colors.

Massage — Work out the kinks at a local spa. One of my clients goes to Lunar Massage and likes them a lot. Who do you like?


Well Fed paleo cookbook — I don’t do a strict Paleo diet myself, but this recipe book is healthy and yummy.

Isopure zero carb protein powder — I make sure to get the zero carb powder since I usually add fruit or other carbs to my shakes.

Think Thin protein bars — Think Thin has a whopping 20g protein, yeah! I just wish it was called “Think Strong” or “Think Fast” instead.

GU energy gels — For endurance athletes who regularly exercise over one hour. Gu is my bonk buster during long bike rides and the Roctane kind is the bomb.

Power Supply gift certificate — If your athlete needs a little extra help with nutrition or is just sick of cooking, Power Supply meals make fuel easy and delicious. Also they work with local farms and local chefs. And if you look at the time you spend shopping and cooking, plus the food you end up throwing out because you gave up and ordered takeout, you’ll actually save money!


Rebounderz — A trampoline adventure! Shouldn’t working out be fun?

Trapeze — Join the circus!

Personal training sessions with Robin! — Free workouts with Robin! Depending on the client, this could be an awesome gift or it might just sound like torture. It will be more fun than torture though. I promise. Plus your loved one will get all buff and awesome.


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