Videos Showing Proper Form for the Advanced 7-Minute Workout

In May 2013, the Human Performance Institute’s 7-Minute Workout was featured in The New York Times and Lifehacker, who posted a series of videos to show how to do each exercise properly.

The workout was popular. Very popular.So much so, that the New York Times decided to ask Mark Verstegen, the founder and president of EXOS, to create an advanced version. They also commissioned a new app to help you along.

To accompany the instructions and the app, I created a series of videos that outline each exercise, highlighting form and common faults. If you prefer videos to apps, scroll down to the bottom of this page and follow along with Tracy while I train her through the whole workout. She rocked it and so can you!

Quick notes:

  • Dumbbell weight selection varies a lot according to the individual, women may want to choose between 10–17.5lbs and men between 15–30lbs.
  • The reverse lunge/rotation move can be done either rotating toward the front knee or away   from it. Either way, make sure to keep the front knee in line with your front toes even as you rotate.
  • The lateral lunge with overhead triceps extension is actually supposed to be a lateral lunge with an overhead shoulder press — I’ve noted this in the video’s description.
  • You can use heavier dumbbells for the alternating rows (the final move). The big muscles of your back can take more weight in the standing supported position, so do it!
  • For each move in the workout, as soon as you feel your form slipping, that means you need to take a break. This “failure” is actually a good thing. Remember that! Keep the clock running and come back to the workout as soon as you can resume with proper form. The more times you perform the workout, you will find you are able to do more and more reps/weight.
  • You can add a hard-core three-minute finisher — each of these should be done for one minute, focusing on perfect form: (1) Pushups — on your toes,  hands on a low bench for incline, or on knees, (2) Two-arm rows with heavy dumbbells, and (3) Burpees. You should “burn out” by the end of each minute. Fun!

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