I Beat Dad in the Wizards $30 Challenge

Have I told you lately that I love Washington Wizards basketball? My family has sweet season tickets so I go to a lot of games — sometimes two in one week. Our amazing seats come with $30 in food and drink included in the ticket. This is so great! But oh-so-awful for eating clean. This season I will conquer my self-created and self-imposed $30 Food+Drink Challenge. Rules: (1) Must use the entire $30 (within $1) without going over, and (2) Do not completely sabotage nutrition in the process.

My Nutrition Program

Lean meats and fibrous vegetables. I use starchy carbs sparingly — like five bites per meal. This plan works well to fuel my body, leaves me satisfied, and minimizes my crazy sugar cravings.

Strategy for Success

Bring a big purse.

Get there early for Game 1 and scout out new vendors. Look for anything with protein and vegetables.

Divert eyes and close nose while passing Dunkin’ Donuts…wait a sec, it’s not approved for the $30 anyway, phhhew, that would be a disaster.

Only buy beer if it’s a weekend game, since I would normally drink a beer or two on weekends, might as well get it for “free”. I realize that Marvin, my beer guy, will miss me terribly on weeknights.

Game 1 Results

Robin: District Sandwich salad with chicken, two waters, and two Diet Pepsis (to go). Total: $29.

Dad: Two Chic-fil-A sandwiches, two Chic-fil-A cookies (1 to take home), 2 Papa John’s Pizzas (both to take home), one water. Total: $30.25. Hahaha… he went over on money and carbs.

Even though Dad didn’t know what game we were playing: I WIN!

(Update: After Game 2 I walked away after consuming a bowl of Hard Times chili with cornbread, two Bud Lights, and one water. My stomach felt like a balloon about to pop. Lesson learned. Game 3 I tried a crab cake sandwich with no bun, Diet Pepsi, and water. I felt ok but still hungry post game. District Sandwich salad is still the reigning champion order.)

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