Bike day 40

Brrrrrr. It was a cold night and I had a morbid dream. Here it goes… Jacob and I had found out that we both were terminally ill (this is the dream, ok?). We decided to take a potion to “put ourselves down”. We drank the delicious pink cloudy liquid and went to sleep in our tent like a normal night, except we knew that we wouldn’t be waking up the next day. “Goodnight Jacob”. “Goodnight Robin”. Zzzzzz.
Then, miraculously, the sun came up and I opened my eyes. “What the heck? I guess since that didn’t work, we should fight this disease…you with me, J-dogg?” “Word”. 
Then I woke up for real. Jacob said at one point in the night our backs were touching and that was the only warm part of him. Then I moved and he was frozen again. Sorry! 
After telling Jacob my dream he told me “If that scary dream happens again, an easy way to know that you are dreaming is…if it’s our last night alive and we are in a tent together, know that I will put the moves on you. So, if I don’t, it’s a dream”. “K thanks, good to know”.
The day started off ok. We saw a truck carrying a propeller for a wind turbine. The propeller was roughly the size of the blue whale on exhibit at the Smithsonian’s museum of natural history. You know that one that takes up the entire gigantic hall? Yup. Ginormous. 
On to more miles. There were a few rough patches of road, followed by smooth road, followed by a shoulder that was grated…the bumpiest road ever! My teeth chattered and everything shook. By 12:22 we had three flats and I broke a spoke. Not big ol Jacob…little ol me! Uggh. We had to cut the day short to find a bike shop in Kingman AZ. 
Jacob called a shop and asked to use their bike stand. “no prob”. Then we biked all around town looking for the shop. We stumbled upon a different bike shop (yay!), walk in, and Jacob doesn’t like the vibe so we walk out again. Seriously?? 
I got frustrated at this point. We biked all around again looking for the good bike shop, went through some construction sites with lane closures, stop light after stop light, and finally made it to the good shop. Jacob fixed my wheel in a jiffy and we took another roundabout tour of Kingman to find a cheap motel. 
I was frustrated at myself for not being more proactive as far as getting directions. I was tired and cranky from a long day with not many miles to show for it. I was frustrated at Jacob for messing up directions, not asking me for help and not communicating to me why the bike shop we went into first was not suitable. Just breathe, Robin!
After checking in to the motel I asked Jacob if it was ok to eat dinner separately. “Yup!”. He didn’t want to deal with me either! I ate at Denny’s “table for one” and afterwards crashed in to bed hard. That foreboding dream was a bad omen. Tomorrow is another day.

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