Bike day 39

Flagstaff to Seligman. Easy day!
Abe and Ike left for school nice and early so we said goodbye and hit the road shortly after they did.

We had lots of downhill. We took route 40 which parallels the old route 66, so Jacob warned me “Watch out, you might start to feel your kicks coming on!”. Whatever it was… the downhill or the kicks, we felt good.
We waved to a cyclist who was going east and climbing. This was one day where westbound is where it’s at! No wind and down down down.
After an easy 75 miles we stopped at the Roadkill Cafe where I ate the Drug From the Sea Special (trout). Jacob bought one of those smashed penny things, a “smashed penny holder”, and some route 66 stickers. “What, Robin, your bike is too cool for stickers?”
In Seligman we set up camp at an RV park behind a general store.
I walked to a grocery store about a mile away and got there around 5:45. One lady forgot her wallet and the cashier said “just pay me tomorrow, hun, I’m trying to get outa here”.
Back at the park we talked to a lady who had lived at the park for 33 years and who’s family owns the Roadkill Cafe. She told us that most of her family lives at the park and they’re moving in another one of her nieces into the double-wide in back.
It got cold when the sun went down! Brrrrrr. We bundled up and got in sleeping bags. I was asleep before 8p. I did, however, get up at 10p for dinner. Clif bar and peanut butter…mmmmm.

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