Bike day 20

Jacob and I snacked at the hotel instead of really eating dinner on day 19. All evening and through the night, Jacob looked forward to the continental breakfast waffles at the super 8.
Breakfast opened at 6 and Jacob got to it. I slept in since I knew we still had to wait for the UPS shipment with Jacob’s wheel to arrive at the bike shop. Estimated time noon-1. 
I hit breakfast around 8 and met a few sets of retirees who, at the breakfast table, mind you, had GPS devices loudly telling them “drive to the road and turn left”…and “recalculating”. They also had giant road atlases. They told me about a Vietnam memorial at the PSU (Pittsburg State University) campus that is similar to the one in DC. Didn’t make it there.
Leisurely morning of stretching and relaxing in a Mexican restaurant parking lot followed by a Starbucks hang out session for me while Jacob made his way to the shop. 
Although I didn’t see it, I hear Jacob did a happy dance in the store and might have even kissed the new wheel when he saw it. He threw it on the bike, trashed the old one and we got going around 1p. Jacob says “rumble strips, you don’t scare me no more! See my shiny new wheel? Ha!”
A little while down the road we see a sand-colored coyote watching us from a soy bean field. Jacob loves coyotes and this was a highlight of the trip for him.
Chanute, KS was our destination for the evening. About 20 miles out, we run in to a “road closed ahead” sign and decide to take the detour. Then the detour has a road closed. No open roads to Chanute? I’m muttering “no gravel no gravel no gravel” like “no whammy” under my breath and when we hit the bridge that is closed we ask the workers nicely if we can sneak across. “If it was this morning, no way, but these guys worked hard today so I think it’s safe”. Oh gooooood. We make it safely across.
A half mile outside of Chanute we run in to Marco and Ronny, teenage west bound cyclists (going our way) from PG county, walking their bikes. Uh oh. Ronny’s rear wheel is messed up even worse than Jacob’s was. We told them we’d meet them at the park and Jacob would help. It turns into a fiasco but Jacob managed to jimmie the wheel (after a second trip to Walmart to get a tool) so he could make it hopefully to the next bike shop 20 miles away. 
We had zataran’s rice and pork meatballs for dinner. It was delicious. 
Marco and I chatted for a bit. He and Ronny are enlisting in the navy after this trip. He worked at papa johns and a construction job to save up money for his journey. We also told each other our “falling” stories. The day before we met he was climbing up a hill and noticed a grasshopper on his pannier along for the ride. He decided to use one hand to swat it away, and then, when that didn’t work, he tried the other hand. Then he realized that he was climbing up the hill with “no hands”. It was at this point and in conjunction with this realization that he bit it. Ouch.
We slept in the tent by a baseball field in the city park.

camp marco

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