Bike day 19

This morning’s goal was to make it to Pittsburg. Pittsburg, KS. Jacob had a new velocity 40 spoke wheel built and shipped to the Tailwind bike shop. He was soooo excited. It could mean the end of the spoke problems.
About 35 miles in (not as easy as yesterday’s 35!) Jacob calls velocity and gets a tracking number for the wheel. It will NOT arrive today. Scheduled for delivery¬†tomorrow. Looks like we get to sleep in Pittsburg and wait. Uggh.
At this point I was upset. Why not pay for second day shipping since now we have to pay for a hotel anyway? And it will cost us a day of riding. I tried not to blow up and show how upset I was, but I know Jacob could tell. I ate about a million banana chips at the rest stop and felt awful.
We put on happy faces and rolled on…only 30 more miles left today.
Missouri’s streets are letters instead of numbers. Jacob’s favorite was DD. I like MM (mmmgood). We also saw a sign for Miller, MO 8 miles in the wrong direction (sorry Jacob, no can do).
Jacob was hit in the helmet by a giant Men In Black type bug. It was the size of a golf ball. I saw the whole thing happen and he turned and said “what the eff WAS that?” His helmet passed the first test of the ride.
We also crossed a highway in front of a school bus that was going way faster than we thought. “FASTER, Robin!!!” I hear in the “bad Coyo voice” Jacob reserves for special emergency circumstances only. Like yelling at dogs to stay out of the road. I think that bus was doing 75 easy.
We left Missouri (misery) in the dust and arrived in Kansas. Seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya, MO! I was feeling a bit light headed so we took a nap under a tree and ate some hard boiled eggs.
My belly started hurting after the nap and I barely made it to the super 8. I showered quickly and crashed in bed for 3 hours. Maybe this unexpected “rest day” is actually a blessing.

kansasnap kansassign

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