Bike day 13

Last night after dinner as I relaxed, stretched and planned for the next day, Jacob called for my attention. “Earplugs out”. He came out of the closet to me as bisexual and told me he was going to come out on social media too. He had been quiet the past two days so I knew something was up… We talked for a while and I tried to give him support, love, and a kind ear. I hope I can continue to be a support for him thought his journey and our adventure.

So, on to day 13. Jacob ate leftover Stromboli for breakfast and I made the usual oatmeal, protein powder and coffee.
I messed up directions again today. And this time I added a crrrrazy steep hill for us. My bad. You would think if there was a sign that says Tower Rock (left turn arrow), that would mean it’s Tower Rock Road, right? Nope. We got a great view of the Ohio river a little too soon. And we had a broken spoke and an axle fix on top of that.

wrong turn river
Kept truckin.
We crossed the Ohio river on a ferry.


The worker whose job it is to chain up the boat could be on Letterman for his cool human trick of lassoing the chains over and back about 15 times in 5 sec.
Got to eddyville for a nice rest stop. I was charged $24 for our drinks and snacks but didn’t realize the error until we were almost ready to leave. The cashier mistakenly charged me for a $18 bottle of liquor. Hey, at least they serve alcohol in this state! Got my money back.
We decided that it was imperative to get to a bike shop. Luckily Carbondale il is on the routetomorrow.
We went thru multiple construction zones with new asphalt. It’s nice and smooth, but feels like sludge and reeeeeally magnifies the heat.
We camped at Ferne Clyffe State Park and met Ted and Colleen who are camping in an RV. We didn’t get to buy any extra supplies for dinner, but we still had a nice feast from or food bag. Zatarans Mexican rice, protein powder, avocado and salsa. I slept under the stars again. Mosquitoes were out so I put on all of my long sleeve apparel, plus my bandana and my sleeping mask. Only skin showing was my cheeks and mouth. Sweat a little but no bites!

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