Bike Day 9 (Rest Day)

Woke up at the nice, civilized hour of 8a. Caught the carb-it-up continental breakfast at the hotel and inquired about the closest post office. In a sweet KY accent “oh ma’am I’m sorry, it’s on the other end of town and only open a half day on Saturday”. I sped back to the room, grabbed about 12lbs of our surplus gear that we wanted to ship home (stuff we didn’t use much, radio, hammock, clothes, electrical plugs) and I hit the road. WALKING. You are dead wrong if you thought I would put my butt in the saddle on my OFF day!
3 miles to the post office.
2 miles to Berea coffee and tea Co. (I got a little lost and my cell phone was dead but I found it.) Saw a church sign “Why be pessimistic? It won’t work anyway!”
I spent the day relaxing, texting, emailing, reading, writing, talking to strangers (and not Jacob, no offense!), and eating yummy food and drinking superb coffee. I did still feel “hazy” and lethargic. Tired but kinda in a good way.

berea coffee
I walked around the campus of Berea college and did some stretching in their version of “the lawn”. A very cute city, it is the folk art capitol of ky.
I talked with my sister Caroline on the phone for a while…I miss her and you other family members and friends so much! …and then I made my way back to the hotel.
2 miles back:)
It was actually good to use my legs a bit differently. Walking felt ok.
Jacob and I ate dinner at Cracker Barrel (ate some decent chocolate cake for dessert) and then watched Men in Black at the hotel as we soaked up the remaining restful hours. Ahhhhh rest.

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