Bike Day 10

We were fresh off a rest day and ready to go! Jacob secretly delayed  getting ready in order to hit the continental breakfast which opened at 7.
Out the door at 7:20.

bike bite

My bike bit me.
I messed up the directions from the hotel to the bike route. Uggh. Took us a bit out of the way, but with teamwork we managed.
The first 80 miles of today were CAKE! We flew. Hills were rolling thru farms and small towns, but they seemed like babies compared to the VA monster mountains.
We stopped in Perryville for a rest and talked with some nice cyclists who are training for a bike ride across KY.

cyclist welcome
The last 34 miles of the day were hard. Really hard. My quads hurt, especially the left one.
We made it to LaRue County Park at dusk. The city (also the birthplace of Abe Lincoln!) allows cyclists to camp for free and use the restroom facilities. Very kind. Of course immediately upon arriving, Jacob breaks a spoke. I cooked bacon and eggs for dinner while he fixed it.
The park is an athletic facility for  baseball, tennis, basketball, soccer and swimming. I asked Jacob if I could sleep in left field with Bryce Harper. He said “go for it”, but I reconsidered and opted for proximity to bathrooms and shelter (pavilion) instead.
I did sleep under the stars. Pretty night.

sunset harper
Church sign today “What can this sign say to get you here on Sunday?” Can’t repeat what Jacob suggested, so use your imagination.
This was the longest day yet. We logged 114 miles. Tiiiiired. Tomorrow will be long too.

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