Bike Day 11

We biked into a new time zone today!  We’re biking back in time.

train stop

Day 11 brought some struggles.
We slept at the LaRue County Park which was super fun actually!
However, dogs barked pretty much all night. Good thing I packed ear plugs!
Woke up around 6 a little  dewy…slept on a tarp but the top of the sleeping bag did still get wet. Doh.
I got breakfast going while Jacob finished true-ing the wheel from the previous night. Then I hear “$#@&$!!” It broke again! Arrgh.
So he started over, meanwhile I ate, packed, and started pumping my tires. What did I find? “Oh look at that, Jacob, my rear tire is flat! Hahaha”. “@&$##&!!!”
So we got a late start. 8:30a
20 miles in, same tire of mine went flat again. When we were fixing it, Jacob asked if I had a tick…since I’d been clearing my throat a lot. Ummmm, no, and I got slightly (a LOT) offended. He apologized and we rode on.
Another 5 miles and I got another flat. Instead of patching it this time I got a new tube. This time it held.
We went over a few rivers today. We chanted “Down by the river I took a little walk!!” (know that old swimming cheer?), and “I live in a van down by the river!!!” (Chris Farley?)

chili snack

We snacked on chili straight from the cans.
KY does not pay for street signs or cell phone towers. However, Jacob says the governor’s brother must own a rumble strip company because they are everywhere! All different kind too. All annoying to cyclists.
We raced the sun to our lodging for the night. 101 miles logged.Saw a nice sunset on the bike and got to sleep at the Utica volunteer fire department building. It was so cool! Shower, kitchen, laundry. The trifecta! We were in heaven.

fire station
Church sign of the day was quite a propos: “Fire Safety Tip: stop, drop and roll will not work in Hell”.
Slept in our sleeping bags on top of mattresses. Inside and dry.

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