Bike Day 8

Woke up at 5:30 in the super sleezy Daniel Boone motel. I knew we needed to leave as early as possible to make it to Berea by dusk, so I woke Jacob and got him moving. We started biking at 7a. Thick fog turned to thunderstorm. We were in “rush hour traffic” in rainy Hazard, KY.
Luckily it was a quick shower and then passed on by. Jacob stopped at the top of a hill to put ON his rain jacket, then stopped at the top of the next hill to take OFF his rain jacket. Haha.
At a convenience store we met a 16yo red headed kid who told us all about the sports he plays (soccer is his favorite) and how he can ride his bmx bike all the way to Chavies to see his girlfriend when his truck is broken (we have doubts, and think this is a “big fish story”, but he was nice).
We hit the Buckhorn hills pretty early in the day. This one was a little painful because it had three separate ridges at the top.
We stopped for food…grilled chicken big salad!…after the descent at a nice trailer/food truck/dairy bar. Jacob stretched his aching back and we met a nice man who makes bird houses. He told us all about them, and we ate
at cute colorful picnic benches next to horses.

After food, we met a very cute cyclist, Chris, going east solo. His brother was supposed to join him but bailed at the last minute. He is from C Springs CO and is actually moving to DC in the fall. (attention single 20-something ladies!)
Jacob and I made great time this morning, although Jacob continues to battle nats going up hills. I tell him to “be one with the bugs and embrace them” and “I love nats! Harper, Stras, Gio!” but he swats and curses them to no end.
At a food stop, we met another east bound solo cyclist heading to VA beach. He wanted to get there quickly to catch his Dad before he leaves on a business trip in a few days. He had a trailer attached to his bike and sometimes walks his bike up hills. This is crazy talk! We are worried about him and the VA hills. He is confident because he has “already done the rockies”…but VA hills are quite different, we hear.
We then made it to Big Hill, KY. We were lucky enough to get to go DOWN it. It was spectacular, magic, majestic, fast…just epic.
At the bottom I had my first flat tire of the ride. Quick fix and 10 miles to Berea KY. Loooong 10 miles. Made it and crashed in to the hotel. Ate at the Mexican restaurant across the parking lot. Wanted a margarita reeeeaal bad. Found out that Berea is a DRY county. Effn@$&#%!!!
Might be for the best as I know I was pretty dehydrated. Grrrrr nonetheless. Hit the sack.
Total trip mileage do far is 659.
We made it to our first rest day!  Yeeeehaaaw!

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