Bike day 32

Rest day in gorgeous Durango, CO.
Kara had an appointment in town at 11 so Jacob and I hitched a ride with her. We started the day with a hot springs soak at an aroma therapeutic spa. $10 for an hour of bliss. I hung out in and around the hot tub relaxing and stretching while Jacob chose to spend most of the time in the dry sauna. He meet Rhonda in the sauna. Rhonda soaks almost daily and is a self-proclaimed “pusher”. On her way out, I hear “hey, I think I have a stash with me” and she comes back with a baggie for Jacob of something to”ease his pains”. “Contact me before you head out and I can make it happen”, she says.


We parted ways after the soak. I headed to the local coffee shop and Jacob to Ska Brewery. We both spent the afternoon drinking….me coffee and Jacob beer.
He was feeling pretty loose and happy when Kara picked us up a few hours later. My favorite quote from the ride up the mountain was from Jacob: “You know, I think they just need to clone an army of Robins!”…for the purpose of what, I’m not exactly sure, but thanks man!
Kara cooked a perfect chicken and veggie curry dinner. We ate and I went to sleep super early, so comfy and relaxed from an awesome rest day.
Kyle says “I appreciate that” in the same way my granddad would say “Diiiig it!” (like he understand and knows what’s up). Kyle and Kara, I dig you guys and I appreciate your hospitality and warmth. Many, many thanks!

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