Bike Day 6

Woke up st the Super 8. Hit the continental breakfast when it started at 7. I made Jacob sit st a different table than me…hope he want too offended…they were “Robin sized” tables!
We took route 80 back to the bike route 76. We did three sizeable climbs today: Hayters (biggest), Big A Mountain (coolest name), and Breaks (toughest since it was at the end).

hill hurting
At the start of Hayters we saw some other xcountry bikers going the opposite direction with their final destination Yorktown VA. They were retirement age on road bikes with a van support vehicle. Fancy.
Before we “really started” Big A Jacob asked if we had already reached the summit. Ummm no. You could not miss that summit. On the descent, 2 big dogs attempted to attack my tires. I used some tactics Melinda taught me from Egypt to distract them and escape unscathed.
We stopped at subway in Haysi before tackling the hill to Breaks.
As usual, this campground was also up, down, up, down off the main road. We barely made it to our tent site before it started pouring down rain. It had been thundering for probably 30 mins already.
We were lucky enough to grab a site next to a nice lady with an RV. She invited us in for burgers and peach pie. Yes ma’am! We got out of the rain and she actually let us use her tent so we didn’t have to set up our own in the mess. Phhhew.

breaks camp

She is a mother of one biological daughter, 4 adopted daughters, 4 adopted sons, and has raised 16 foster kids. A kind soul. Her 90 year old sharp as a whip mother and adorable 8.5mo old foster granddaughter Payton were also in the RV.
One church sign we saw today: “How do you spell happyness? (sic) It’s Jesus”
We were fed and in sleeping bags by 9p. Jacob fixed my camp pillow…it had a leak but now I can just fill it up with clothes instead of with air. Works great.
When I asked Jacob what cool things happened today he said “I can’t remember anything that happened today except the  mountains”.

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