Bike Day 5

Woke up at 5:15 to a super foggy morning in Radford at Mick’s magical house. Tried to figure out the American Cycling Assoc map but at that hour it was really confusing…we made do after coffee. Said goodbye to our gracious hosts. I hope we keep in touch!
Stopped at Wade’s supermarket for breakfast and to fill water bottles. We finally hit the road at 8 when Jacob exclaimed “2nd star on the right and straight on til morning!”.
First part of the ride we hit Draper mountain. Long step climb and the worst part was the lack of view at the overlook due to fog. Oh well.
We found some construction on Rt 11 and the traffic worker said “aint never had to stop no one on bicycles before!”
Turned back on to the historic bike route 76 and found the most gorgeous cascading hills and farms. Small quiet road 654 was my favorite.
We stopped at an apple market at the top of a hill. I got an apple for a snack and veggies for dinner. Jacob was a bit tired and took a 3 min nap. Totally revived him, thank goodness!
We then rode (KILLED) 30 miles mostly descending, both of us felt strong. We found a cadence that worked for us (at least on the down hills).
At one point when I was waiting for Jacob for a minute our two, I start hearing carnival the music to the “Do your ears hang low?” song. Then 30 seconds later I see Jacob leading an ice cream truck down the road!!! (what??) I thought this was the funniest thing ever…piper of ice cream.
There were no warm showers hosts available in the area and no campgrounds, so we Super 8’d it.
Did laundry, cooked and ate dinner and were in bed by 9:15. No mechanical issues and dry conditions. A GOOD DAY!

One thought on “Bike Day 5

  1. the whole ice cream truck thing…this could only happen to my brother. it’s hilarious, but not shocking :)

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