I Beat Dad in the Wizards $30 Challenge

Have I told you lately that I love Washington Wizards basketball? My family has sweet season tickets so I go to a lot of games — sometimes two in one week. Our amazing seats come with $30 in food and drink included in the ticket. This is so great! But oh-so-awful for eating clean. This season I will conquer my self-created and self-imposed $30 Food+Drink Challenge. Rules: (1) Must use the entire $30 (within $1) without going over, and (2) Do not completely sabotage nutrition in the process.

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Get Your Body Fat Percentage Right to Increase Performance

In this two-minute video, Eating for Fat Loss vs Performance, Dr Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect does an excellent job of describing the distinction between eating for fat loss and eating for athletic performance.

  • Performance Diet = High carb-to-protein ratio with low fats and low fiber
  • Fat-Loss Diet = Low carb-to-protein ratio, medium fats, and high fiber (THE OPPOSITE)

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Radiance Retreat Fat Loss Tips


I attended a truly inspiring Radiance Retreat last weekend in Asheville, NC – With Jen Sinkler of Thrive, Jill Coleman of Jillfit.com, Neghar Fonooni of Eat, Lift and be Happy. Here are my big bullet takeaways on NUTRITION for Fat Loss:

MY 3 fav nutrition tips from the retreat:

1)   Move where you can, so you can move where you can’t

2)   Find foods that make you feel good before, during and after you eat them

3)   Ritualize, do not habitualize

#1 – Move where you can, so you can move where you can’t. This idea can apply to weightlifting, running, nutrition, as well as a myriad of other activities. If we have a “big hairy audacious goal” (credit Good to Great by Collir) we seek to achieve in life, how do we get there? Especially if it seems practically unattainable? Go first where you can – take steps you are capable in the direction of the goal – not giant leaps, in order to bring yourself closer to the goal, so the goal will be closer to you. Then make sure you have perspective. As you are taking the steps closer to the goal, it is crucial to know that “slow progress is still progress”.  Imagine your life as a balloon – attempt to fill it up too fast by leaping too far away towards a goal, and you pop it! (i.e. get injured by running/lifting too much too soon, or binge eat after trying a “crash diet”)

#2 – Eat foods that make you feel good before, during and after you eat them. Sure, plenty of foods make us feel good before we eat them. Just thinking about chocolate chip cookies sends warm fuzzy feelings throughout the brain – comfort chocolate, sugary deliciousness. The first few bites of that cookie also feel A-mazing. What happens a few bites in and after the cookie is sometimes a problem. You know that “sugar-high then sugar-crash, followed by more sugar and salt cravings later on” routine? And the “I know that’s going straight to my hips and booty” kind of guilt? Eff that guilt! (right, Neghar?) Pasta can also have this effect on the body. It sounds so good and usually tastes great too, but afterwards the belly is bloated without totally feeling “satisfied” and causes more sugar cravings, heart burn, belly aches, and sometimes leads to a “continuous meal” until bedtime. No bueno. What is muy bueno is figuring out clean foods that please the palette as well as the physique. High protein, high fiber, high water, low/clean carbs is where it’s at.

#3 Ritualize, do not habitualize. Soooo, when is it ok to “cheat” or “reward” ourselves with some yummy (but not necessarily fat-loss-friendly) goodness? The Fat Loss Guru ladies spoke of “ritualizing cheats” instead of making them habits. A habit would be something like coming home from work and immediately cracking beer or pouring a glass of wine. Or perhaps it’s finishing dinner and, without really thinking about it, going straight to the freezer for that nice big scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce (this is me on some days!). These habits, once they’re formed, can turn deadly for fat loss. On the other hand, planning ahead for that one reeeeally special “treat meal” per week will not only satisfy cravings in the moment, but can help us keep on track during the week – knowing that special meal is right around the corner.  Know exactly what you will have for your treat, when you will have it, and make it gooooood.

Guru’s fav tips:

Jen’s tips:

1)   Add, don’t subtract (look for ways of adding good things to your life – activities, friend time, meditation… instead of just subtracting food)

2)   Move where you can, so you can move where you can’t

3)   Bust out the crock pot (easy-peasy delicious dinners)

Jill’s tips:

1)   Overindulgence is directly related to deprivation

2)   Don’t look for easy. You learn that thru practice. (habit-hacking)

3)   Perspective – slow progress is still progress

Neghar’s tips:

1)   First bite rule (stop eating when it no longer tastes as good as it did the very first bite/sip)

2)   Eyelashes are not shovels (you are allowed to throw away food!)

3)   Find foods that please your palette and your physique