Nutrition Tips: My Top Ten

  1. Drink a full glass of water as soon as you can in the morning and hydrate throughout the day
  2. Eat vegetables at breakfast (“you each broccoli for breakfast?!?”) and throughout  the day
  3. Spice things up — add a variety of spices and homemade sauces to food
  4. Eat whole, unprocessed food as much as possible
  5. Supplements: BCAAs, Greens Powder, Protein Powder
  6. Plan your meals and include room for flexibility
  7. Limit your trigger foods and identify your buffer foods
  8. Practice Intuitive Eating and mindfulness; Monitor hunger, energy and cravings
  9. Exercise efficiently; Take rest days; Stop sitting so much, Stretch and mobilize joints daily
  10. Sleep enough for your body and eliminate superfluous stressors

Stay tuned for detailed info on each tip in separate posts:)

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