Bike day 44


We decided to use a different route to get out of Mojave. It got us off the interstate and it really looked like we would go around the mountains instead of up and over them. You know, obviously they constructed the highway over the most mountainous part, and put this baby road on the flattest part, right? Ha.

The road took us through an awesome wind power plant with thousands of huge windmills and joshua trees. We had seen a truck carrying one propeller a few days before. That put into perspective just how big those things are.

The route did not take us around the mountain. Instead, we climbed like crazy coal country Kentucky. It was the first time since the Ozarks where I had to go ahead of Jacob in order to maintain balance. Honestly, that climb felt great!

We descended 3000ft in just a few miles. So awesome. We did have a few flats but made good time regardless.

We knew we had 64 miles to ride in order to make it to Bakersfield and Luigi’s, a restaurant recommended by my good friend and “step-sista” Cindy. She told me that I simply MUST get a steak sandwich with a side of red and white pasta OMG!

Traffic started to get busy and the shoulder narrowed as we approached Bakersfield. It started to feel like the kind of place where motorists would hit us on purpose and/or steal our bikes to prove themselves to the local gangs.

We got off highway 58 as soon as we hit the city. We found another route to Luigi’s, got there at2:50 and locked or bikes in the rough neighborhood. We walked in and asked for a table for two. They had stopped serving food at 2:30. WTF. Who does that?!? Our spirits were crushed. We ate at a taco place instead.

We did not want to get back on the trafficy, low-rider and gang member filled road. We decided to stay in Bakersfield for the night and leave at first light the next day. Sunday dawn traffic has got to be better than Saturday dusk.

As we left the taco place, a schizo lady yelled at us about Jesus saving our souls and giving her a new heart. She was scary.

Motel 6 again. I hit the pool with some methheads. I was penning my latest blog when a motel worker loudly (he must have been severely hard of hearing) asked me if I was doing homework. Nope, just writing. He didn’t understand and kept asking me about it so I said “Oh, I’m sorry, yes, I AM doing homework”.

I ate a clif bar and a recees big cup for dinner.

Early morning tomorrow. Since we stopped early today, tomorrow will be 110ish to get us to Paso Robles. Ain’t no thing…we got this.

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