Bike day 27

Bike day 27 on September 11.
My alarm woke me up at 5:30. Jacob said “that alarm always makes me think we’re in a video game”. Apparently Jacob will wake up when his iPad stops making the “white noise”…it happens 8hrs after he sets it, so 4a this morning. When I asked “so what have you been doing for an hour and a half?” he said “just laying here! whaaat?”
As we ate breakfast, Jacob and I talked about where we were when the towers were hit. We had similar stories of getting ready for our college classes. I remember being so scared that James, my marine boyfriend at the time, would be sent to Afghanistan. And he was. One of the scariest times of my life.
It was a rainy and cool morning.
We had about 35 miles to get to the 2000 mile mark for the trip. I was a little excited, plus I had fresh legs from our rest day…so I might have “taken off” and left Jacob in the dust. I got to 2000 miles and celebrated (happy dance, self shot pictures), looked around…no sign of Jacob. Oops! I waited for a few minutes and then turned around to look for him. About 2 miles back he had a flat. Uggh. And I had “abandoned him”. Bad Robin!

I think he forgave me and we rolled on.
We went through Arlington, CO. There were probably a total of 8 buildings in the whole town but there was a sign for Arlington Cemetery haha.

We ate lunch at Sugar City Cafe. The owner had a full menu but really would only serve us the “daily specials”. I had beans and ham with cornbread (so good and warmed me up!) and Jacob had a bbq sandwich (not so good) and pumpkin pie (pretty good).
Paul and Enya, the couple we met a grew days ago) had signed the restaurant guestbook. They had eaten lunch there the day before.
After lunch we made it into high desert terrain. Jacob pointed out different cacti and other plants…juniper, sage, cholla, succulents, cottonwood trees, etc. The scenery  was so beautiful.
We set up camp at the Boone City park. I was nervous because the forecast called for rain and it had been sprinkling on us throughout the day. We bought a few snacks at the local convenience store before they closed at 5. The cashier told us that we will see snow on the summit of Wolf’s Creek. We plan to get there in a few days. Jacob does not believe her and I really hope he’s right. I’m not prepared for snow! Nice rainbow at camp.


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