Bike day 25

It’s Redskins gameday!!!!
We woke up early, hit up the Kwik Shop for breakfast and Jacob also picked up a cheap pair of sunglasses since he lost his during our “night ride” on day 24. We got going at 7a. 
We crossed into the mountain time zone about twenty miles in. Jacob did circles back and forth, exclaiming something to the effect of “I’m the lord master of time and space” (apparently a Dr Who reference) while I proceeded to ignore him completely, instead focused on more important masters, namely getting our butts to Eads, CO in time for kickoff. Must see RGIII! The NFL does not care if we are going back in time!
We battled headwinds and crosswinds all day. We entered Colorful Colorado.

colorful colorado

We took a rest about 25 miles outside of Eads at a convenience store. We met Paul and Enya, a newlywed couple of west bound cyclists from Rockville MD. They told us about another cycling adventure they took in Indonesia! Wow. I asked if they felt safe there and they said “no”… attempted mugging and “flogging”. Yikes!
As we were chatting, a local gentleman came in and addressed us with “Let me ask you stupid people something!” Paul responds “Good opening!”, and the gentleman proceeds with “Isn’t it crazy to be biking in 110° weather?”…Yes…the answer is yes.
Soon after that I started getting restless and anxious to get to a TV. We hit the road and got to the econo travel lodge in plenty of time…the econo travel lodge with NO ESPN. And they told me “no bars are open on Mondays”. I was crushed. I tried a number of internet options without success and decided to gamecast the game on my phone and go to dinner with Jacob. 
Lucky us, the lodge was next door to the best (read: only) restaurant in town. Yummy pie for dessert. We both had a slice (chocolate cream and banana cream) and Jacob got a second slice to go.
After dinner and at halftime of the game I decided to go for a walk.
I met a nice man and his dog at a nearby park. He said “excuse me, is that your truck?” (pointing to a gigantic “big rig” in the parking lot)…I now apparently look like a trucker. I said “nope” and he said “Oh, cuz I was gonna be impressed!”
I walked a but further and what did I spy but Jan’s Bar with lights on. It looked scary but I decided to give it a go. Tiny, smoky, hot, but had a big TV with my Skins on and 2 old men (reminded me of Grumpy Old Men) to share the bar with. The Skins mounted a comeback and by the fourth quarter I had both grumpy old men cheering and rooting for the Skins with me “HTTR one TD at a time!”. Turned out one touchdown too few…too bad.
I walked back to the lodge a little sad but exhausted and ready for bed. When I got back Jacob said “Found the game? I thought you either found it, or you were kidnapped”. Thanks, Jacob!
We made it to another rest day.

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