Bike day 17

When we checked in to the classy southern inn motel where we will spend two nights, the check in guy gave us one key. “Only one key?”, I asked. His response (Indian dude with a british accent): “Yes, you’re in Houston, MO, there’s no where to go anyway”
Jacob and I were both awake by 6a…for no good reason. Our bodies did not get the memo…it’s our rest day!
I ate breakfast outside at a picnic table and did some reading.
Then I loaded up our smelly laundry and headed for the laundromat down the street behind Walmart.
After laundry I camped out at McDonalds, had a second breakfast, talked to mom on the phone, read, wrote and relaxed. An older gentleman asked if he could have 1) the spare chair from my table and 2) my egg McMuffin. I said yes and NO way!
Meanwhile Jacob was back at the room doing bike stuff. I came back to a bike shop-smelling room at naptime…doh. We aired out the room and both took glorious naps.

girls rule

Went to pizza hut for dinner. The teenage kid waiter told Jacob he wasn’t welcome in his “John Deere” shirt. We did not get the joke. He said “my father’s a logger” and what I should have said is “my father’s a pilsner!” (HA, joke YOU won’t get that’s just not funny either! “Jerk store, I’m going with jerk store!”…Seinfeld, anyone?)
I chowed down on salad and pizza. We calculated that I eat more calories than Jacob does per day. A ton more if you don’t count the soda he consumes.
Jacob went to Walmart for one last supply trip and I rushed back to the room to catch the start of the Nats game since it was on espn.  The TV had the weirdest channels we’ve ever seen. Espn was 106-1. NASCAR was on. “Nooooooo! I hate Missouri!” I composed myself and turned the channel to 94-1 (espn2). Phhhhew, there were my boys!

After a while Jacob returned and joined me in baseball watching. In the 5th inning or so the score was Mets 5, Nats 2. “Well, it doesn’t look like the nats are gonna do it tonight”. I looked at him with steely eyes and said aggressively “WHAT is YOUR problem?”
Of course he ate his words, Nats came back for a “third out shirt out” save by Soriano. Ha! I fell asleep happy.

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