Bike Day 3

Well, it rained. ALL night and then all day. Jacob woke me up at 4:45a. Tent was soaked thru and I was sleeping in a puddle. Spent the first hour drying clothes and packing up.
Had to climb up a half mile steep to get out of camp. Jacob’s spirits were very low but he pulled it together and we made it to 7-11. The brazilian dark coffee tasted A-mazing and felt better even though we were wet.
Rain started to die down a little after noon. We ride thru Lexington and took a pic at the VMI track.
Day three had 3 broken spokes total. One bright spot was a store at the top of “Fancy Hill”. We picked up a tomato and bacon for dinner and cheese for Jacob’s snack.
Had to cut the day in half due to rain and the broken spokes. Called it quits in Buchanan and checked into a motel to dry out the gear. Beautiful view of the mountain over highway 81. Jacob worked on the bike while I cooked dinner. Then I slept like a rock! Tomorrow will be better:)

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