Bike Day 2

We cooked and ate oatmeal for breakfast at 5:30 without getting out of sleeping bags!
Jacob decided that Robin is the hummingbird and he is the duck from Peter and the Wolf, since I’m a perky morning person.
Fisher hill was a bigger climb than yesterday.
We rode apart for the first half of the day. Caught up with each other at least every 5-8 miles.
Rode thru Strasburg VA and toasted Stephen with nuun electrolytes and water.
Jacob busted 2 more spokes do we needed to reroute to harrisonburg for bike parts.
Church signs “if you’re going to heaven, take someone else with you”, “our idols have too many medals and not enough scars”
Staying at an amusement park style campground with fishing, hot tub, domesticated bunnies, DJ playing macarena. Will need to bike up .5 mile of the steepest hill yet to get back to route 11 in the morning.
JMU guy took a picture of me stretching (without asking permission), then said “that just went viral”
Saw a busted target style shelf on the street and I said “looks like it’s past its shelf life” waaa waaa!

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