OBX Rainy Workout

Whaaaa? Woke up to thunder and rain at the beach. Boo. While rain does not automatically mean a “no-go” for me… today, instead of hitting the road for day 4-in-a-row of running (not a smart idea for me anyway!), I took my workout to the front stoop undercover. Rain might be a blessing in disguise – I had a great workout! Time for the sun to come out NOW!

UPDATE!! Caroline saw how awesome I felt this morning and asked me to train her thru the same routine. Videos of the moves at http://www.youtube.com/user/robinhersh1 (I’m working on rotating some videos but the internet at the beach is not so hot…)

Here’s what I did:


OBX rainy total body workout:

4 Rounds MRT (metabolic resistance training 15-20 sec rest in between each exercise – about one minute rest in between rounds, we did a similar circuit at the Radiance Retreat)

I used 15lb dumbbells:

Deadrows 15

Lunges 15 each leg (I did backward-stepping holding weights at the sides)

Pushups 15

Squat-press 15

3 rounds RBT (rest based training – rest only when you need until you can go again)

10 squat jumps

10 burpees

60 sec hover plus toe taps

60 sec bicycle crunches (30 sec slow 30 sec fast)

2 rounds RBT

Tube woodchops – 10 each side

Tube squat with alternating leg lift  (45 degrees back) 10 each side

Tube leg lift one side – 20 each side

Side plank hip lifts – 30 sec each side

Weighted bridges (dumbbell on “lap”) 20

Stretch and lacrosse ball rolling


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